Age Calculator 1.2

Tool for determining age based on two provided dates

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows 95

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    6.8 (12)

AgeCalculator is a simple program that calculates a user's age. While the program is quite simple, a couple of extra features are thrown into the mix. Users won't access the program every day, and it's designed more as a novelty than anything else. Similar apps and programs are available for Windows PCs today. Still, this particular solution is simple and effective without using too many resources or throwing in extra software. The

same cannot be said for competing programs that are unnecessarily bloated.

How to Use AgeCalculator To Determine Your Age (Or Time Period)

Firing up AgeCalculator presents users with a basic window and options. Individual users select two dates from a dropdown menu, and then the program returns a value. In this case, users enter their date of birth and the current date. It's possible to select a different date to determine age or length of time between a given range of dates. The program automatically calculates age or time duration, returning information in years, months, and days. Smaller increments of time are not available here, though.

Some Extras Thrown Into An Otherwise Basic App

AgeCalculator is unsurprisingly a basic program without extra fluff. A couple of features allow users to determine the age of their pets in human years. Other than that, users won't find anything more than a Help menu and a close program button. The program could have included more time-based calculators and measurements. Such additions would have made the program more desirable and worthwhile to use. Then again, this particular program offers a single feature that it handles in an efficient manner each time.

Do Users Need AgeCalculator? Probably Not.

Undoubtedly, AgeCalculator is the type of program a user downloads once and then uses sporadically over time. The average person won't open this program and use it more than a couple times. Most users will let the program sit on their Windows PC, and then they'll struggle to remember why they downloaded the program in the first place. Nonetheless, AgeCalculator provides some novelty and entertainment for irregular use. Better programs that offer age and time calculators exist today, and users may want to consider them instead.


  • Calculating your age has never been more simple or quick.
  • A small number of little features make the program amusing to use.
  • Not too resource heavy and won't bog down basic hardware.


  • Ads roll within the program, which is quite annoying for a Windows program.
  • The program is relatively useless aside from solving one simple issue.
  • More features could have been thrown in to make this program wider in scope.

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